About Us - Personal TrainersNuBody Fitness is a results oriented, full body, conditioning program like none other. NuBody Fitness has 1 purpose ONLY…to get you back that body you used to have, the body that you never thought you would see again. That’s right we will cause you to LOSE FAT, INCREASE YOUR FITNESS LEVEL, FIRM YOUR BUTT, FLATTEN YOUR TUMMY, TONE YOUR ARMS, AND TIGHTEN YOUR THIGHS. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.

NuBody Fitness offers private training, small group training, as well as our famous Boot Camps.


Expect to increase your strength, reduce your waistline, boost your aerobic capacity, lose weight, and improve your overall quality of life. We are looking forward to helping you transform your life. We have high expectations of our participants and we are determined to go above and beyond to help you succeed.

Our Trainers

Our Personal Trainers are one of a kind. Coaches today often have no college preparation, hold no accredited certifications, not to mention having no real focus or specialization, and running clients through “circuits” with no real focus, goal, plan, purpose, or strategy.

An NuBody our trainers are consistently increasing their level of education. The have multiple nationally accredited certifications, as well as certifications within their specialization, along with the ability to asses a client’s optimal level of human performance, identify, develop, execute, and assess progress on a rep by rep basis.

You will always see an NuBody Trainer taking notes every set. At NuBody you will never have to wait months to assess progress, we measure it daily and weekly with check-ins and success meetings.

Our one-on-one program does not end when your session ends at NuBody Fitness. Our trainers are always there to support you nutritionally, mentally, travel fitness programs, and “homework” to expedite the results process.